With the growing stress levels due to the busy lives and the run for the materialistic things in life, the physical and mental health has been affected badly. Fertility is a no exception to this. Studies show that one in six couples might face difficulties conceiving and this attributes to the high stress levels, especially with the women between the age group 30-40. People turn to IVF and several other things like that to conceive, but they don’t always work.


In such cases, it is always better to try something that helps cut down on the stress levels and boost the health. This is where the fertility yoga for women comes into picture. It might be hard for one to believe completely, but research proved that specific yoga poses could reduce stress and eventually, boost fertility and helps in conceiving.


Check this video to learn 5 effective yoga poses for conceiving and fertility boosting.




Let's review the individual poses instructed in the above video and how to do them correctly:


1. Butterfly Pose: Butterfly pose, or the poorna titli asana improves the energy flow to the lower regions of the body. It also ensures the smooth delivery of the child. To perform the asana, one has to sit on the yoga mat in such a way that the feet touch one another while the legs form the shape of the butterfly. Make sure you breathe deeply and harmoniously while performing the pose.


2. Shoulder Stand Pose. This pose, also known as sarvangasana helps in balancing the hormones and aids in the ovarian health. It is performed by lying on the ground and lifting both the legs off until they are perpendicular to the floor. You should be able to balance your body on the shoulders. Once you do it, get back to the starting position transitioning yourself into the Yoga Nidra. Make sure that your breathing is systematical throughout the asana.


3. Cobra Pose: Cobra Pose, also known as the Bhujangasana derived its name due to the resemblance of the position to that of a snake. One of the significant poses of yoga to get pregnant fast, it is performed by lying flat, stomach facing the floor and slowly rising backwards while breathing systematically. This pose benefits the stomach and spinal region. It aids in the overall benefit of a person practicing it regularly, including the conceiving ability. 


4. Seated Forward Bend Pose: The seated forward bend pose, or the Paschimottasana stimulates the pelvic area of a person, especially the ovaries and the uterus. It enhances the conceiving capacity by providing perfect internal environment of the body. To start off with, one has to sit on the floor with their legs stretched. Continue by bending further and holding the feet with the hands. Try and touch your kneecaps with your forehead. Make sure you breathe properly throughout the process. Now, release the asana and get back to the starting position very slowly. 


5. Plough Pose: Plough Pose, also known as halasana simulates the organs and fortifies your lower back, thus boosting the fertility. In order to perform the pose, one has to start off by lying on the ground with legs together and slowly raising the legs all the way back till your feet touches the floor. Make sure you breathe harmoniously and keep your hands in the proper manner. Try and hold the position for as long as possible and get back to the starting pose slowly.


Yoga exercises has proven to bring different results to a person depending on physical condition, metabilism and lifestyle. So before starting any physical exercise always consult a cerfified yoga professional and your doctor to ensure you remain safe. You may also like to read an article on 10 yoga poses effective in boosting your fertility levels & getting pregnant fast.