I have a query regarding e-Rx. Whether e-Rx sent via SMS & Mail will be considered authentic / valid to dispense medicines from Chemist's perspective ?
* If no - why ?
* If yes, what should be the process to get that approval - as Health IT Company?... Do we have to take an approval from FDA, India ?

Request your guidance on this process. Our EHR application is set to send sms / text messages on mobile of Patients & Chemists (selected by the patient). Application also sends soft copy (.pdf format) of Rx to the chemist that can be viewed, download, print & save by log in to the account. This (.pdf) is auto-generated by the system & doesn't have signature of the Doctor on it.

Dr. Samir Tapiawala

Founder; M.D.
MediIT Health Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.