Heart Surgery Cost in India

As the Cost is the principal factor when it comes to our health & nowadays the rise of treatment has saw a huge blow as it is rising day by day. This became the vital reason why Indian Medical Tourism boosted. The Medical tourism industry in India is estimated worth around USD $3 Billion & it by 2020 it is expected to rise more than USD $7 – 8$ Billion.

Cost of Heart Surgery

About India.

India officially known as Republic of India is the seventh largest country in the World. India is surrounded with Indian Ocean on the South region, Arabian Sea on the Southwest & Bay of Bengal on Southeast. India is the only country in the world where there is no discrimination of Color, Sex, and Religion. Everyone is treated equally.

Medical tourism in India

What is the Heart Surgery Cost in India?

The Cost is the main reason why so many people come to India for medical treatment. The Heart Surgery Cost in India is very affordable as when compared to other developed countries like the USA & the UK where the cost of any surgeries is too high. The Heart Surgery Cost in India is as less as there is a difference of around 60% - 70% in cost as compared to other countries.

Heart Surgery

The success ratio of Heart surgery in India is around 98% whereas in the USA it is about 96%. Not only Heart Surgery Indian Medical Tourism is widely known for  surgeries like Bone Marrow, Skin Treatment, Dental & many more which cost very less. The Heart surgery cost depends on type of heart surgery you will undergo. The Following are the different types of Heart Surgeries carried on in India.

Types of Surgery

Cost in the USA ($)

Cost in the UK ($)

Cost in India ($)


$15,000 - $50,000

$25,000 - $80,000

$1500 – $4000

Open Heart Surgery

$20,000 - $50,000

$30,000 - $60,000

$2000 - $3500

Bypass Surgery

$70,000 - $2,00,000

$40,000 - $80,000

$2200 – 5500

Aneurysm Repair / Replacement

$80,000 - $1,00,000

$80,000 - $2,00,000

$8500 – 11000

Heart Transplant

$8,00,000 - $10,00,000

$5,50,000 - $8,00,000

$29000 - $45000

 You might be thinking why so much low cost? There might be some kind of compromise made in terms of quality of treatment. Well that is not true, as the Heart surgery cost in India is low because of the Conversion of Currency rate & the cost of operating in India is also low.

Reason for Choosing India for Heart Surgery.

  • COST – As explained Earlier, the Heart Surgery cost in India is very less. Not only Heart Surgery India is declared as best destination for Medical tourism which means all the surgeries like Bone Marrow Transplant, Hair Transplant, Dental, Skin Cancer & many more are treated at very less cost.
  • Facility – The Hospitals of India are accredited under JCI (Joint Commission International) National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) which makes these hospitals as one of the best hospitals in the World. With world class amenities & infrastructure, people coming from other countries feels like they are getting treatment in their home country. Hospitals in India is well Standardized likewise other countries. With the Latest Equipment & technologies is used for any types of treatment or Diseases. India has also started the use of robotic surgery which is improving day to day.
  • Well Trained Specialist – The Specialist in India are well trained, as they boost up their knowledge with continuous studies. Most of the Cardiologist is well know world wide as they have qualified, Trained & performed surgery at International Level.
  • Less Waiting Time – As you might be aware that the waiting time for appointment is too high, as you need to make a prior booking of atleast a month & the surgery procedure takes a long wait, but in India, the waiting time is very less for appointment as well for any surgery. As we believe that health comes first.
  • No Language Barriers – India is a country in which there is diversity of languages still English is the primary language used here specially used by the specialist as they need to co-operate regularly with International patients.This makes it easier for the people to provide all the information required which is related to health. Also some of the Hospitals have also hired Language translators for the people visiting from Balkan & Africa.

Best Destination for Heart Surgery in India

As explained earlier that India is the best destination for Medical Tourism, but where to find the best hospital, best cardiologist? Well no need to worry anymore here you can find some of the best Heart hospital in India. Following are the best heart hospital in India.

  1. Apollo Hospital, Greams Lane, Chennai, India.
  2. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, Delhi, India.
  3. Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket Delhi, India.
  4. BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi, India.
  5. Asian heart institute, Mumbai, India.
  6. Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, India.
  7. Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, India.
  8. Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, India.
  9. Sir J.J Group of Hospital, Mumbai, India.
  10. Fortis Hospital, Banerghatta road Bangalore, India.
  11. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India.
  12. Sri Jayavendra Institute of Cardiovascular Science & research, Bangalore, India.
  13. Apollo Health City, Hyderabad, India.
  14. Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Science.
  15. Adity Birla Memorial Hospital, Pune, India.

Who is the Best Cardiologist in India?

With the rise in the number of deaths because of Heart Attack, it becomes necessary to look for Best Cardiologist in India who can easily deal with your heart condition. The Cardiologist in India is highly qualified with worldwide exposure. The Heart Doctor in India work as a team as they believe in providing best heart care to every patient. For your cut short your hard search for Best Cardiologist we have listed some of the best Cardiologist.

  • Ashok Seth – MBBS, MD, FRCP, FIMSA, FSCAI.

Dr. Ashok Seth is one of best cardiologist in the world as he holds cardiac surgery experience of more than four decades. He is the present chairman of Cardiology at Fortis escorts Heart Institute. Awarded by President of India makes him the best cardiologist in India.

  • Devi Prasad Shetty – MD (Surgery), MBBS.

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty is the founder of Narayana Hrudalaya (NH), India. He holds more than 33 years of Experience makes him best heart doctor in the world. He is also granted with Royal Challenge of Surgeons of England. He received worldwide exposure when he operated on Mother Teresa back in Kolkata. He is known to perform heart surgery at very low cost in whole world.

  • Kunal Sarkar – MBBS, MNMS (India), FRCS (Edinburgh), FRCS (Glasgow).

Dr. Kunal Sarkar holds record for performing more than 17000 heart surgeries till date with 98% success rate.  He is the best cardiologist in Kolkata.

  • Tripti Deb – MBBS, MD – General Medicines, DNB (Cardiology).

Dr. Tripti Deb is considered as one of the best Cardiologist in Hyderabad. She holds more than 36 years of experience. She also holds the world wide exposure as she had participated in many of the competition in which she succeeds most of them.

  • Adil Sadiq – MS (General Surgery), MCh (CVTS), FACS (USA), FMICS (USA).

Dr. Adil Sadiq is the India’s first Robotic Cardiac Surgeon. He holds more than 18 years of experience. He is one of the best heart surgeons in the country which holds most experience in Invasive Cardiac Surgery including Endoscopic approaches. He one of the surgeon which performs surgery using Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS). He is best known for his specialty in Aortic Valve repair & replacement.

To conclude I would like to say that India is the best destination for Heart Surgery or for any Surgery. To know more about Clinicspots visit this link - http://www.clinicspots.com/Heart_Hospitals_in_India/