Healthcare is a sector that is forever booming. As difficult or hard as it is to witness the number of people falling ill, the healthcare sector in India has become lucrative over the last few years. Hospitals are mushrooming across the country owing to the growing need for healthcare facilities. On an average, clinics and nursing homes in every city have about 10-20 beds, small hospitals have about 50 beds and medium & large scale hospitals have more than 200 beds. The healthcare facilities currently available in the Country are not really enough to serve a market like India which has a huge demand for medical services.
Apart from the patients that require medical intervention and treatment at a hospital or clinic, there are several patients who spend a considerable amount of period at their homes post their surgery or treatment. Owing to this demand, home health care players come actively into the fray to bridge the gap in the health care sector.
Recovery is a process that involves a great amount of care and nurturing. Be it recovering from a surgery, recuperating after a delivery or undergoing physiotherapy after any treatment, this period requires more care than medical assistance. The very thought of being discharged from the hospital and getting back home will start one’s recovery process. Healing comfortably in your own home, under the supervision of your relatives as against being in a hospital will boost the patients’ morale to a huge extent. Patients recovering from their illness would need a person who is available to attend on them in times of need rather than a constant nurse or doctor who will attend on them from time to time.
Experts say that any sickness can be cured if the mind decides to be happy. For the mind to be happy, the surrounding should appeal to the healing patient as against a hospital atmosphere with other ailing members all around. Being in the company of relatives, taking a stroll under the supervision of a caretaker when time permits, and not being under the constant vigil of doctors/nurses will speed up the recovery process of any patient.
Home health care has started playing a dominant role in the recent years. Talking about the elderly, a category for which the demand for healthcare is very high, home health care players have a lot more personalized services to offer over hospitals or clinics. Geriatric care is an aspect that home health care players specialize in. Going beyond medical need, a lot of aged people look for simple assistance like accompanying them on a walk, spend time with them in light minded conversations, helping them with simple household chores, etc. a lot of home health care players go that extra mile to make the patient feel well taken care of.
The NRI community is seen to be opting for home health care players to use their services for their families living in India. There are several NRIs who travel down to India for medical treatment. Some of them have elderly parents/relatives who also go through medical procedures in India. For such people, who will not be able to spend more than a week or 2 in assisting their relative who is still recovering, home health care players have the best of facilities to offer. From personalized care to CCTV cameras for the relatives abroad to monitor the patient’s condition, home health care has all that a family can ask for. A large segment of corporate segment and the IT community has also been opting for home health care for their relatives owing to its affordability and personalized care that they get.
Attending to patients who are recovering after a stroke or an accident gets tedious for the family that is juggling between home and work. In situations like these, home health care is an option that these families look out for to provide personalized care at reasonable prices, rather than hospitalizing the patient for days together.
For a developing country like India, which is witnessing an increase in demand for healthcare facilities every single day, home health care definitely has a unique array of facilities to offer.