It is evident that Yoga is a wellness technology which has been practised by the sages since ancient times, to give international recognition for this technology. UN decided to celebrate 21st June as a International Yoga day. In the continuation of the same a month long preparation were done at Delhi Public School, Mandla Road, Jabalpur. Students were trained in various asan to be stress free on the outset on 21st June 15 the day was celebrated with fever. Very early in the morning the school buzzed with the excitement of the students and aroma of incense sticks to be a part of international yoga day. The programme was presided over by Dr. Sudhir Tiwari a prominent orthopaedic surgeon of the town. Dr. Tiwari also inaugurated an exhibition put up by the collaboration of teachers and students to display the importance of yoga and the utility of various asans. A day prior [i.e 20/06/15] Hindi essay Writing Competiotion was condected for middle school. The title of the essay was ‘Importance of Yoga in Students life'. The guest gave away the prize for the winners.
The students displayed a number of asans in front of the guests and also narrated the utility and benefits of them.
The day was a grand success as all the members present for the event went into the rhythm for breathing and performed various asans.