International Day of Yoga - 2015

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Sudarshan B O posted this 28 May 2015

Dear All Yoga Bandhus,

Greetings from KSYA

We Karnataka State Yoga Academy(KSYA) in association with S-VYASA & PES UNIVERSITY are organising IYD - International Yoga Day - Sunday,21st June 2015 @ Ground/Auditorium at PESIT,BSKIII, Bangalore-56.
Prog. Schedule as follows

1) 6am - 6-45am - Assembling - Lining - Free Distribution of IYD-2015 - T- Shirts

2) 6-45 am - 7-00 am IYD-Yoga Practice launch by Celebrities / BSK - MLA Guests

3) 7-00am to 7-33am -Yoga Practice - Common Yoga Protocol as Per Government of India.
--In this programme More than 5000 Yoga enthusiasts are Expected

4) 9am to 1-30 pm Auditorium IYD -Inauguration + Yoga Demo & workshops.
--Around 1000 Yoga Teachers /Students are expected.

2pm to 6pm -Yoga Seminar on "Diabetes" fr Gen.Public, "Concentration" fr Students & "Stress Management" fr Corporate *(Yf)
- Around 200 Registration Expected in each Topic.

Date : 21st June 2015,Sunday
Time: 6-00am to 6-00pm
Venue :- PESIT Ground/ Auditorium,PES UNIVERSITY, BSK III, Ring Road, Bangalore, India ___

I request You all Be Part of this Mega Event and encourage this Yoga movement.


With fragrances of Yoga
Warm Regards


Org.Secretary - IYD- 2015

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Slovenia posted this 22 May 2015 - Last edited 04 June 2015

For all Slovenian Citizens web portal has been launched
Also like us on

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Dr. Mukund Agrawal posted this 23 May 2015 - Last edited 29 May 2015


We at Chhattishgarh Planning for Training before IYD, to all interested Govt. Official, School Students,NCC,Police personnel,NSS,Yuva Manch etc.

These will perform yoga on IYD at set time 7-7.35 am

We are expecting around minimum 1000000 people to perform yoga on IYD at different level.
(State/District/Block/Gram Panchayat/Villages /Schools/Offices etc)

We are trying to get Hindi Translation of the Booklet-Common Yoga Protocol.If somebody has the copy please provide us.

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Sugand Puri posted this 23 May 2015 - Last edited 29 May 2015

Yoga in Daily Life Scientific System

VishwaguruJi Maheshwarananda from Jadan, district Pali, Rajasthan, and his Scientific System Yoga in Daily Life with more than 4.000 centers Globally for more than five decades, is actively contributing to International Day of Yoga on 21st June.

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Yoga in Daily Life posted this 25 May 2015 - Last edited 04 June 2015

Yoga in Daily Life celebrating IDY worldwide

Yoga in Daily Life International - scientific master-system of Vishwaguruji Maheshwarananda is celebrating IDY - International Day of Yoga by offering free yoga classes worldwide.
Visit: is external)

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djpv2002in posted this 11 June 2015 - Last edited 17 June 2015

Grave injustice to yoga
June 10, 2015, 4:05 PM IST TK Arun in Cursor | India | ET
12 0

The ongoing controversy over yoga is the wrong one. The right controversy would be over the propriety of passing off any free-hand exercise and bodily contortions as yoga.
Muslim bodies have condemned the move to popularise yoga, seeing in it a nefarious attempt to impose Hindu values and rituals on Muslims and other minorities. Considering the views of some proponents of yoga (viz Yogi Adityanath, who would consign all opponents of yoga to the bottom of the sea, this is not an unreasonable view. But this fear of yoga undermining non-Hindu spirituality is completely misplaced. It can be addressed by making it absolutely clear that performance of yoga is entirely voluntary and by replacing some chants used, for example, in suryanamaskaar, with unvoiced exhalation.
Yoga is wholesome exercise that is good for both the mind and the body and there is no need to encumber yoga with any religious claptrap. However, yoga is what it is because it follows a defined grammar. Many impostors claim to be yoga gurus and even have huge followings. They do contortions that impress the ignorant and perform some heavy breathing, calling it praanaayaam. Such charlatans do major disservice to yoga.
Yoga, said BKS Iyengar, who more than deserved his Padma Vibhushan, is art, science and philosophy. According to Iyengar, the purpose of hatayoga, the complex asanas that condition the body, is to prepare the body for praanaayaam. Those ‘gurus’ who launch into praanaayaam straightaway while initiating a novice into yoga, at the least, mislead people.
What sets yoga apart from mere calisthenics is the stress it lays on precise muscle alignments and breathing. The stretching/tightening/relaxation of particular muscle groups while attaining a particular posture makes a big difference to the effect of that posture. Those who are ignorant of the precise alignments required for each posture merely perform calisthenics and not yoga. They are incapable of getting the benefits of doing yoga.
This is not all. Some of yoga’s postures, if not done right, can cause damage as well.
Yoga’s strength is that it has deciphered the interconnectedness of the body. The effect tightening the quadriceps has on the abdominal muscles and the opening up of the chest achieved by turning the palms upwards as your arms are outstretched on either side are just elementary examples of the interconnectedness of different parts of the body that yoga fully explores and exploits.
Guided by an expert, yoga can turn therapeutic. It can stimulate the endocrine system, regulate the production of hormones, fight depression and repair damaged neurons. But this is true only of true yoga, not of the garden variety of calisthenics that will be passed off as mass yoga on World Yoga Day.
Starting from Patanjali who compiled the Yoga Sutras, down thorugh the ages to BKS Iyengar, every serious practitioner of yoga would be aghast at the thought of yoga as a means of entering some book of records. The whole yoga day tamasha makes a travesty of yoga. Further, it makes a hash of taking forward what is sound and robust in India’s tradition.
If the government is serious about yoga, it should arrange for schools of yoga to codify their practice and set standards that are monitored by an appropriate body, to separate mere contortionists and impostors from yoga practitioners. It would make yoga classes affordable for all. In the absence of such initiatives, what a world yoga day would achieve is to boost the sales of some yoga-tagged merchandise — yoga pants, anyone? — without doing much for yoga, much as mother’s day or father’s day dent parental finances without noticeable enhancement of the filial bond.
DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author's own.

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