Practicing Yoga as a Medicine

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pathanjali posted this 23 April 2015 - Last edited 16 May 2015

There has been a renewed vigor in research into therapeutic effects of Yoga . Yoga is now no longer confined as a health preventive and promotive discipline, It is being used increasingly as a therapeutic modality in integration with other modalities of treatment. However, Yoga as a therapeutic modality needs to be practiced under trained hands lest it is not misused by all and sundry with false claims and cures. So the question now posed is "Who is Trained to impart yoga as a therapy" . Are saints, sadhus and sants qualified for this, or mere practitioners of yoga or housewives who take this up as a passion for livelihood qualified to use yoga as a therapy? The question is important as more and more people take recourse to yoga more such people come up with claims of cure for chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, HIV etc. Only the trained medical practitioner who has training in yoga is aware of the extent of its benefits and limitations. He is aware of how yoga works and how it can benefit in varied disease conditions. There is a systematic training in integrating yoga as a medicine, that makes them qualified to impart yoga as a therapy. This kind of training is imparted in the course curriculum of Bachelors degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences a 5 and half year medical degree course that been recognised by several state governments and Department of AYUSH since 1987. The students have to compulsorily attend yoga classes daily over a 5 year period apart from theory and practical sessions covering more than 300 hours of training. They are taught systematically to integrate yoga as a therapeutic intervention in management of various disease conditions with tailored modules which is evidenced by several research publications today. This course is imparted by 16 colleges across the country with post graduation (MD, YOGA AND REHABILITATION ) available in two states. It is time this course is given their due recognition as a central registration to practice yoga as a therapy by Department of AYUSH, Govt of India.

We appeal to PM and Department of AYUSH to give support for BNYS graduates for central registration. Just as medicine and surgery go together in MBBS the same holds good for Naturopathy and yoga as both of them are lifestyle interventions and are inseparable. The same has been advocated by our beloved Father of the Nation Sri Mahatma Gandhiji . BNYS graduates have contributed immensely towards Yoga research with more than 200 research publications by them. Lets support them to make our nation healthy by using "YOGA THE RIGHT WAY".

Dr Raghavendra Rao M, BNYS, PhD (Yoga and Lifesciences)

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djpv2002in posted this 13 May 2015 - Last edited 29 May 2015

Part truth about the qualification on yoga

Putting demand to PM and Department of Ayush for the recognition of Graduate Degree in Naturopathy and yoga is the right of every BNYS graduate but the fact about institutional education in the field of yoga and its clinical application is not only limited to the BNYS course which is mostly conducted in southern states of the country with many variants in their syllabi due to non existence of central regulatory body.Some of the states provide registration under the ISM recognising these degree holders as naturopath and not the yoga therapist.Many universities are imparting BSc.and Msc including Phd degrees in yoga sciences.Even the National institute of yoga fully funded by the Department of AYUSH is not having the leadership of any BNYS degree holders.Apart from that Swasthavritta and yoga is one of the speciality in Ayurveda stream of education which is duly controlled by the Act of parliament.

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