Stepping Stones Senior Secondary School Sector 37/D, Chandigarh CELEBRATES International day of yoga 0n 21st june

Students and staff of Stepping Stones Organized a Yoga Camp to celebrate and spread the message of Yoga to people from all walks of life. The camp was held in collaboration with the ‘Art of Living’ who are regular partners in many of the school’s activities. Members of the community were invited to participate in the camp by distributing pamphlets in the neighbourhood. The day started off at 6:15 a.m. wherein the organisers and the chief conductor, Dr, Tarun explained the importance of yoga and its benefits to both mental and physical health. Thereafter, various asanas were performed and taught to the participants. The session ended with the breathing exercises called the Pranayam. The session was both energising and relaxing.

It was heartening to see people of all ages both young and old sitting together and sharing the same ethos, which in today’s times is hard to see. The enthusiasm amongst the children, brought in the realisation that the gift India gave to the world was here to stay for a long time to come.

In the end, The Principal, Mrs. Anu Kumar, thanked all the outsiders, parents, staff members, ex-students and students who joined the call raised by our worthy Prime Minister. She further requested all to continue practising Yoga for a healthier existence. She was delighted with the response of one and all that the session was of immense benefit to all. Dr. Tarun and the Principal offered a free one week Yoga camp in the school campus in continuation to today’s efforts. Many from the audience were happy to join.