We always advise children NOT to eat icecreams. But in Summer, they tend to suddenly ask for and eat IceCreams or Kulfies. Sudden Change in temperature causes constriction of the throat, as an immunity measure by the body as per yoga and naturopathy theories. I have handled more than 3 cases of children of age 8 and above, whose parents did not want to have surgery for tonsils. They brought the child for one week and I taught her freely, ANULOM, VILOM, BRAHMA REE, KAPALA BHATI, FOR ONE HOUR DAILY. Besides this she was also gorgling Warm water with salt everyday 4times a day. She got the relief on the same day by a reduction of the pain by about 50%. Yoga is powerful for curing diseases that cannot be easily cured by the Modern Medicine. Yoga with Diet control works very well. Pls Contact me if you have any chronic cases suffering from sicknesses. No fees will be charged. No medicines will be supplied.  My Mission is to spread Yoga, naturopathy, and Indian Medicine to those few people who do not want to go for allopathic medicines. Thank you, My no. is 9442285506 and my site is www.sunflowerdance.com 
Cancer can be controlled by persons who want to avoid allopathy.