The hair loss patients who are affected by the Androgenic alopecia or hereditary baldness choose the hair transplant procedure as an ultimate and permanent option to get back the original hair. The procedure is performed, after an in-depth preoperative evaluation by the performing Surgeon in order to know about the state of hair loss as well as the feasible restoration technique to meet the aesthetic goal of the procedure.


The hair transplant in Delhi is a relevant option in the restoration world when we talk about the procedural treatment in India. Being a capital city, Delhi comes in the top place for the consideration and the other important aspect needed for the best medical destination is the availability of the best Surgeons and Doctor that Delhi has and weighs a topmost destination remark in the restoration world.

While the majority of male pattern baldness patient who opts for hair restoration simply wants to get over the problem of baldness permanently with the added benefits of the younger look back. But, some patients go for the revision case of the same procedure in order to correct the earlier bad hair transplant result. So, it is a matter of introspection that what is there in the restoration field that decides the overall success of the procedure and what made a patient satisfied after the procedure.

Every individual is different and every case of hair loss is different in terms of the state of hair loss, donor area capability as well as the type of hair that decides the technique of the procedure. It is important to look natural after the procedure and it is more important to receive the procedure with the best artistic and surgical plan done by the hair transplant Surgeon.

Every hair transplant patient needs and desire for a natural hair transplant result that is defined by the below-mentioned points of the Aesthetic Hair Transplants: 

  • The Angle & direction of the implanted graft
  • The irregular hairline pattern that supports the goal of an undetectable hair transplant result
  • The received density that must be distributed wisely to the overall bald area of the scalp
  • The distribution of grafts should follow the aesthetic rule to offer the natural outcome of the procedure.

So, it has been clear that the desire of a patient for a particular hair restoration surgery is decided by the patients’ facial profile, gender, profession externally and internally it is influenced by the available donor area strength as well as the type of hair.

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