I have read the above two articles, 'Yoga in Medical Education' and "Practicing Yoga as a Medicine'. I do not have a question to get the answer from the above topics.

     It is needless to say that the power of Yoga has been clearly written in 'Yoga Sutra' by the great sage 'Patanjali'. I have read it as a P.G. student of Yoga. Yoga Sutra has 4 chapters,namely Samadhi Pada, Sadhana Pada, Vibhuti Pada and Kaivalya Pada. I am not going to give the details. We may only see the Vibhuti Pada which describes the Great achievements a practioner will get by Yoga. These achievements or powers are more than the levels of super human capabilities.They are called 'Siddhi'.ANIMA- the ability to become as small as an atom.LAGHIMA- the ability to become weightless, MAHIMA- the ability to become as large as universe. and so on. These are not mere fairy tales but are real powers of the Yogis of our country.When these powers comes how can any disease survive in the body.

   My view is that all of us may not be able to go to that stadard of Yogic powers. But systematic and constant practice of Yoga to one's capacity, is enough to treat and cure any disease of present and future mankind.Cure of disease is not the aim of Yoga practice, but is a by-product only.

  I have this experience of my own disease cure, which I have earlier posted in this forum. I have the recorded proof with me.

   Since it is a public forum I called up on all concerned to give considered view, what is our stand now,  in evluating the power of Yoga described in 'YOGASUTRA' and in other Yogic texts. The whole world has now accepted Yoga as Science. We should not be late to start Research on the power of Yoga at least in cure of diseases.

    The Government and private authorities rely on modern medical Science because it is Scientifically established. So, our Government effort should be as such that Yoga can be more effective than medical science. If we really bileave Yoga then we shall find that Yoga  has emmence power in the ilfe of human being.

Satyananda Jena M.A. in Yoga.